Manual Handheld Installation

If the Handheld Installation program is unable to install the Handheld Support programs (see here for details), use the following links to download the appropriate Handheld Support installation files for the version of Windows Embedded Compact (CE) or Windows Mobile on the handheld.  Note: if the wrong version is selected, the handheld device will indicate as such when attempting to install it.

To install a .cab file on a handheld after downloading, open it from the File Manager on the handheld device (the .cab file on a handheld device essentially works like a .exe file on a Windows desktop-- open it, and the installation should automatically begin).

Tip: use the following link as a shortcut on the handheld browser (fewer cumbersome letters to type on a handheld device):

Important: for any Windows-based device, Internet Explorer must be the default browser and must have access to the Internet.

Windows Embedded Compact (CE)

Windows Embedded Compact 7(formerly known as Windows Embedded CE 7)

Windows Embedded Compact 5 & 6 (formerly known as Windows CE 5 and Windows Embedded CE 6)

Windows Embedded Compact 4 (formerly known as Windows CE 4.0)


Windows Embedded Handheld (Mobile)

Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 (compatible with legacy Windows Mobile applications)

Windows Mobile 6.5

Windows Mobile 5 & 6

Windows Mobile 2003 (formerly known as PocketPC 2003)

Motorola / Symbol

Load the following interface on all Motorola/Symbol handhelds.


Load the following interface on all Intermec handhelds.

Handheld Solution for the Scanner Device

This may not be the latest version, but can be used to install the program on the handheld and then use the built-in update to load the latest version from the server.

Windows Computers

The following are for Windows computers, only (server or desktop, for example) and should be installed in the order shown.

Android Devices

The following are for Android devices. Devices with the Play Store can download the app through the Play Store.